One with Nature

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A 12 part HD documentary series that demonstrates how Aboriginal people have lived One with Nature for thousands of generations. The series profiles environmental initiatives and explores the issues currently affecting Aboriginal communities. We discover why and how Aboriginal people have continued to thrive with their Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) despite repeated attempts to eradicate their culture and way of life. The series not only celebrates the symbiotic relationship Aboriginal people have with Mother Earth, but also explores how it is being threatened and incorporates the viewpoints of many western-trained scientists who have confirmed that TEK can provide many invaluable solutions to some of the world’s most pressing environmental problems. Filmed in high definition and presented with beautiful scenery and expert commentaries, One with Nature engages and enlightens viewers with insightful investigations into the eco-issues, impacts and solutions affecting Aboriginal people all across Canada, as well as how these issues are connected to the lives of all of earth’s citizens.

One with Nature – English

One with Nature – Ojibway

C’est dans notre nature – français